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  STOPGATEŽ Road Safety Barrier














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Meets DOS K4, DOD K8, or NCHRP 350 TL-2 Guidelines

The StopGate System can be adapted to meet security ratings DOS K4, DOD K8 or NCHRP 350 TL-2. No matter what level of protection required, the StopGate System can be specified to fit the level of security needed.




Reduces Potential Liabilty

- Because the StopGate System can be specified to meet lifesaving NCHRP 350 guidelines. Potential liabilty can be greatly reduced when an errant vehicle impacts the system.


Perimeter or Critical Security Applications

The StopGate System is an ideal product to use to protect infrastructures. Each
system is equipped with LED flashing lights, diamond grade red and white reflective sheeting to warn approaching vehicles, while incorporating a positive protection system that is designed to safely stop a 4400 pound (2000 kg) vehicle traveling at 43 mph (70 km/h). This positive protection feature provides the security for both terrorist threat and an incidental vehicle impact.
The StopGate System is ideal for locations such as:
- Industrial Plants
- Chemical and Petrochemical Facilities
- Military Bases
- Shipping Ports
- Corporate Offices
- DOT Divisional Offices
- Airports
- Rail Yards
The StopGate System is a highly effective means to provide permanent or
as needed restrictive security for a variety of applications.

Bridge and Tunnel Applications

Bridges and tunnels are highly unique roadway environments that require specialized safety and security measures. The StopGate System is a highly effective resource to secure the infrastructure while safely controlling approaching vehicles from exposure to increased dangers. Ideally, the StopGate System can help reduce exposures, increase safety, and secure infrastructures when:
- A bridge or tunnel needs to be closed due to extreme weather conditions (hurricanes, nor'easters, blizzards, roadway ice, flooding, or high winds).
- A bridge or tunnel needs to be closed to attend to vehicle crashes or stalled vehicles.
- Securing infrastructures or a roadway into a city from a terrorist threat.
- Swing or draw bridges must be closed for whatever reason.



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