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STOPGATE™ ROAD SAFETY BARRIER for Roadway Applications

Crashworthy Roadway Barrier

Regardless if you need to safely protect workers from on coming traffic; or shut down a highway, bridges or tunnels for hazardous weather conditions; the StopGate System is a
proven device that restricts vehicle intrusions. Based upon initial costs as well as projected life cycle costs, the StopGate System can be an extremely cost effective method to safely protect workers, errant drivers and critical infrastructure while minimizing a roadway agency’s potential liability.



Helps Prevent Vehicle Intrusion Into Crossings

- Features a safety barrier gate arm that is deployed using a vertical pivot action similar to existing warning gates
- Prevents intrusion making the roadway safer for motorists, and roadway agencies.




Wide Range of Roadway Safety Applications







- Successfully tested to meet NCHRP 350 standards, Test Level 2
- Features an internal absorption steel cable assembly in the gate arm tubing
- Designed to arrest a 2000 kg (4400 lb) pickup truck impacting head-on at 70 km/h (43 mph) in as little as 4 m (13 ft)


Robust Design

- Robust design discourages nuisance hits, thereby reducing maintenance costs

Quick and Easy Refurbishment

- In most cases, a spare arm can be installed in less than two hours by a two-man crew
- 30-day maintenance schedule







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