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Crashworthy Roadway Barrier

When trains are on the tracks, the StopGate™ roadway safety barrier keeps vehicles off. Unlike traditional warning gates, StopGate™ creates a crashworthy, positive barrier that does not allow vehicles to pass around the lowered gate arm.



Helps Prevent Vehicle Intrusion Into Crossings

- Features a safety barrier gate arm that is deployed using a vertical pivot action similar to existing warning gates
- Prevents intrusion making the crossing safer for motorists, trains, and train crews




Wide Range of Roadway Safety Applications

- Whistle ban zones
- Commuter rail intersections
- Hazardous material routes
- High-speed rail intersections
- High-frequency accident areas



- Successfully tested to meet NCHRP 350 standards, Test Level 2
- Features an internal absorption steel cable assembly in the gate arm tubing
- Designed to arrest a 2000 kg (4400 lb) pickup truck impacting head-on at 70 km/h (43 mph) in as little as 4 m (13 ft)


- Failsafe design meets FRA Part 234 and MUTCD

Robust Design

- Robust design discourages nuisance hits, thereby reducing maintenance costs

Quick and Easy Refurbishment

- In most cases, a spare arm can be installed in less than two hours by a two-man crew
- FRA approved
- 30-day maintenance schedule






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