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  FreezeFree™ Automated Anti Icing System

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The Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. FreezeFree System utilizes Fixed Anti-Icing Spray Technology (FAST) to deliver anti-icing agents that prevent snow, ice and frost from forming a bond to a road surface. The FreezeFree System consists of a pump house assembly containing a holding tank, an electrical pumping system and a computer-based controller. Conduits carry power, communications, and chemicals to a number of valve box assemblies that control delivery of the material to spray nozzles strategically placed throughout the system. Flexible design allows the FreezeFree to be activated in a number of ways:

- On-site via push button.
- Remotely through phone or PC link.
- Automatically using active and passive sensors or an integrated Road Weather Information System (RWIS).

Additionally, The FreezeFree System is scalable in size and can cover multiple lanes of traffic using flush and side-mount spray nozzles. Multiple mounting options for components such as valve box assemblies and spray nozzles allow for system customization and easy installation.

Freeze Free Pump Station

Pavement Sensors

Pavement sensors use electrical conductivity measurements, surface temperature, and optical measurements to monitor roadway surface conditions.


Automatic Anti Icing System Activation

Parapet Mounted NozzleView Video
Flush Nozzle View Video

A computer algorithm uses the data to calculate when icing conditions will occur and activates the system before the road ices. A computer logs the event conditions, date, and time.


Convenient PC Interface

Allows remote site monitoring and activation of FreezeFree anti icing liquid spray system.

System Performance Monitoring

Alerts maintenance personnel when reservoir contents are low or other servicing is required.

Expandable to Any Road Width

SprayPlowable, in-pavement nozzles in stainless steel and acetal housing can spray from the middle of the road, replacing or supplementing standard wall-mounted nozzles to supply 4 to 6 lane roads. Can also be expanded to 3000 m (10,000') in length.

Remote Manual Override

Maintenance personnel can activate/de-activate and configure the spray system based on local conditions through any computer connected to internet.


Video Monitoring

When used in conjunction with SSI's RWIS, maintenance personnel can visually access roadway conditions of remote sites.

Surface and Atmospheric History - Web Based Software


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