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  Brakemaster 350® Crash Cushion System










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The Brakemaster 350 is the quick and easy solution for shielding dangerous guardrail ends at wide median and roadside sites with adequate clear zones. It provides superior bi-directional protection and DOES NOT REQUIRE A CONCRETE ANCHOR OR PAD, making it fast and easy to install. The Brakemaster 350 is available at a VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE. Plus additional cost savings are realized because of reduced installation time.


- Gating, redirective crash cushion system
- Performs effectively with design speeds up to 100 km/h
  (62 mph)
- Meets TL-3 (100 km/h / 62 mph)
- Angles up to 20°

Head-On Impacts

During head-on impacts, the Brakemaster® 350 crash cushion system telescopes rearward, using friction technology to decelerate the vehicle.


Redirective Capability

When impacted from the side, after the beginning of length of need (BLON), the Brakemaster® 350 crash cushion system redirects the errant vehicle back toward its original travel path.


Cable/Brake Assembly

Unique cable/brake assembly helps to bring impacting vehicles to a controlled stop.


Easy Installation

The Brakemaster® 350 crash cushion system can be installed in less than 3 hours. No concrete required. No wood posts used.




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