Automatic Impact Brake for TMAs











Automatic Impact Brake for TMAs

Automatically Applies Air Brakes during a TMA Impact

The Automatic Impact Brake System (AIB) is designed to be mounted to a Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) for use during slow moving operations such as spraying or striping. When a vehicle impacts the TMA, the AIB System automatically applies air brakes, reducing the braking time to stop the truck.

In The Event Of An Impact

An unmanned TMA shadow vehicle equipped with the AIB System would automatically apply air brakes to reduce vehicle rollahead. When the tape switch is activated, an air pulse is sent to the control box that activates the system to lock the brakes on the TMA shadow vehicle. The TMA shadow vehicle must be equipped with air brakes in order to utilize the AIB System.

Description of System

The AIB System consists of an in cab control box, a solenoid valve, a shuttle valve, two tape switches, and installation hardware. The tape switches are mounted to the rear of the TMA such that an impacting vehicle triggers the switch causing a solenoid valve to be energized which in turn routes air pressure from the emergency brake line to the rear brakes of the truck.



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