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  ABC Terminal End Treatment











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The ABC Terminal is a steel post, energy absorbing terminal for use with w-beam safety barriers. The steel “breakaway” posts are designed using an innovative concept. The lower post, having an H-Section, is driven into the ground. The upper post, with its USection, slides into the lower post and is then secured using a stainless steel shear pin. During a head-on impact, longitudinal forces break the shear pin, releasing the upper post. Energy absorption is achieved through friction and deformation as the rail sections slide rearward.

EN 1317-3 Part 4

- Performs effectively with both light cars 900 kg (2000 lb) and   heavier   European vehicles 1500 kg (3300 lbs)
- Speeds up to 110 km/h (70 mph)
- Not tested to NCHRP350 criteria

Head-On Impact

When impacted head-on, longitudinal forces break a shear pin in the ABC Terminal End Treatment causing the upper rail section to slide rearward.

Redirective Capability

When impacted on an angle, the vehicle is redirected back toward its original travel path.

Improved Post Design

The metal posts used on the ABC Terminal are designed to perform predictably.



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